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Welcome to Brush Dental, where high-quality dental care is within your reach.

Our goal is connecting patients to affordable treatments without compromising quality of care. From hygiene and restorative treatments to cosmetic dentistry, our services are about making you feel and look healthy without breaking the bank.  Everyone deserves the highest-quality care available – and that is what we’re prepared to offer for a cost you can afford.

Take a tour around our office and learn about the financial benefits of choosing Brush Dental:

A Range of Payment Plans

We offer a number of payment options, including:

  • Insurance Coverage
  • Member Discount Plan (Dental Savers)
  • Interest-free Installments
  • Up to 10% Prepayment Discounts

Depending on your needs and circumstances, each plan is tailored to ease the burden of costs and make our treatments fit into your budget.

If you’re not covered by insurance, for example, our Member Discount Plan can save 40% off your dental fees.

For those with insurance, we accept just about every major dental insurance plan to help you cover the treatment cost. You may contact us for a free insurance benefit check so we can explain what your insurance covers.

If you need third-party financing, we go the extra mile with Interest-free Installments. We’re willing to approve patients with less-than-average credit and set you up for monthly payments with zero-free interest.

Finally, we offer transparent pricing so you are fully aware of the cost and decide from there. We will give you an outline prior to treatment so there are no hidden fees to surprise you and no fine prints to cause you trouble.

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